MFA Board of Directors

elected directors

  • Mr. David C. Haley *
    MFA Chair
    HBK Capital Management
    Dallas, TX
  • Mr. Michael S. Harris *
    MFA Vice Chair
    Campbell & Company, LP
    Baltimore, MD
  • Mr. Bruce S. Darringer *
    MFA Secretary
    Member and Chief Operating Officer
    King Street Capital Management
    New York, NY
  • Ms. Leda Braga
    Systematica Investments Limited
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Mr. Eric Burl*
    Head of Americas
    Man Group
    New York, NY
  • Mr. Anthony J. DeLuca*
    Chief Financial Officer
    Moore Capital Management, LP
    New York, NY
  • Mr. Duncan Ford *
    Partner, Chief Operating Officer
    Marshall Wace LLP
    London, UK
  • Mr. Josh Gold*
    Chief Operating Officer
    Three Bays Capital LP
    Boston, MA
  • Mr. Christopher Hayward
    Highbridge Capital Management, LLC
    Managing Partner
    New York, NY
  • Mr. Chris Hedberg
    Chief Financial Officer
    CarVal Investors
    Hopkins, MN
  • Mr. Jonathan Hitchon
    Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer
    Two Sigma Investments, LP
    New York, NY
  • Mr. Daniel H. Kochav
    Partner and Chief Operating Officer
    Tenor Capital Management Company, L.P.
    New York, NY
  • Mr. Tim Levart
    Managing Member, Chief Operating Officer
    Davidson Kempner Capital Management LP
    New York, NY
  • Mr. Ajay Nagpal
    Chief Operating Officer
    Millennium Management LLC
    New York, NY
  • Mr. Andrew Rabinowitz
    President & COO, Partner
    Marathon Asset Management, L.P.
    New York, NY
  • Mr. Steven M. Wagshal
    Chief Operating Officer
    Samlyn Capital, LLC
    New York, NY

appointed directors

  • Ms. Natalie Deak Jaros
    MFA Treasurer
    Ernst & Young, LLP
    New York, NY
  • Mr. Edward H. Dougherty
    National Hedge Fund Leader
    New York, NY
  • Mr. Thomas Droumenq
    Managing Director, Head of Sales, Americas
    Societe Generale
    New York, NY
  • Mr. Bryan T. Durkin
    Chief Commercial Officer
    CME Group
    Chicago, IL
  • Ms. Jeanmarie Grisi
    Chief Investment Officer, Pension Investments,
    New Providence, NJ
  • Mr. Joel Hinkhouse
    Senior Investment Manager
    Teacher Retirement System of Texas
    Austin, TX
  • Mr. Frank La Salla
    Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Trust
    Bank of New York Mellon
    New York, NY
  • Mr. Reinhardt Olsen
    Managing Director, Global Head of Prime Brokerage, Americas Head of Financing Services
    UBS Securities LLC
    New York, NY
  • Mr. Paul Simpson
    Global Banking & Markets Operations Executive
    Bank of America Merrill Lynch
    New York, NY
  • Mr. George Sullivan
    Executive Vice President, Global Head of Alternative Investment Solutions
    State Street Corporation
    Boston, MA
  • Mr. Eric N. Vincent
    Chief Executive Officer
    The Electrum Group LLC
    New York, NY
  • Ms. Kimberly G. Walker
    Distinguished Executive in Residence
    Washington University in St. Louis
    St. Louis, MO

special advisor

  • Mr. Paul N. Roth
    Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP
    New York, NY

(*denotes a Member of MFA’s Executive Committee)