Sarah Lengauer is the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at MFA. In this role, she works with the President and Chief Executive Officer to plan and execute MFA’s business strategy and initiatives across the organization.

Prior to joining MFA in February 2020, Sarah spent six years at the global investment firm, The Carlyle Group. At Carlyle, she was an integral member of the OneCarlyle Global Investment Resources team and focused on building the firm’s network of global resources and relationships. She also led key strategic initiatives focused on Diversity & Inclusion. Prior to joining Carlyle, Sarah worked for the U.S. State Department in Vienna and Paris, and at Faster Cures, a Milken Institute center, dedicated to accelerating medical research.

Sarah is fluent in German and received a Bachelor’s degree from Franklin College Switzerland and a Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins School of Advance International Studies (SAIS). She holds dual majors from both schools in International Relations and Economics.