MFA Submits Comment Letter to CFTC on Harmonization Proposal on Compliance Obligations

April 24, 2012

From: MFA, Stuart Kaswell


David Stawick, CFTC
Gary Gensler, Bart Chilton, Jill Sommers, Scott O'Malia, Mark Wetjen, Gary Barnett, CFTC
Mary Schapiro, Elisse Walter, Luis Aguilar, Troy Paredes, Daniel Gallagher, Eileen Rominger, Douglas Scheidt, SEC

MFA submitted comments to the CFTC on its Harmonization Proposal on compliance obligations for the operators of registered investment companies required to register as commodity pool operators.  In our letter, we requested that the CFTC also harmonize regulations for operators of privately-offered funds, as many such funds with investment advisers registered with the SEC will likely have to have a commodity pool operator register with the CFTC as a result of the rescission of § 4.13(a)(4).