MFA Petitions the CFTC to Exclude Certain Employee Pools from the Definition of “Pool”

August 30, 2012

From: MFA, Stuart Kaswell


David Stawick, CFTC
Gary Gensler, Scott O'Malia, Jill Sommers, Bart Chilton, Mark Wetjen, CFTC
Gary Barnett, Christopher Cummings, Barbara Gold, CFTC

MFA petitioned the CFTC to provide an exclusion from the definition of commodity “pool” for certain internally owned entities, including compensation entities, operated for the benefit of private fund advisors’ principals and key employees; thereby excluding the operators of such entities from registration as a CPO with respect to such entities.  MFA also requested that the CFTC provide interim relief from CPO and CTA registration requirements with respect to such internally owned entities.