Comment Letter to SEC Responding to Proposal for Self-Regulatory Organizations to Impose a Circuit Breaker to Halt Trading on Any Individual Security on the S&P 500 Index

June 09, 2010

From: MFA, Stuart Kaswell


Elizabeth Murphy, SEC
Mary Schapiro, Kathleen Casey, Elisse Walter, Luis Aguilar, Troy Paredes

MFA submitted a letter to the SEC in response to the rule proposals from the applicable self-regulatory organizations that would impose circuit breakers to halt trading in any individual security on the S&P 500 Index in the event that the price of such security moves ten percent or more from a sale in a preceding five-minute period. In our letter, MFA supports the proposals and the imposition of the stock-by-stock circuit breakers as a measure that will help to prevent market disruptions and restore confidence in the markets.