Investing in Opportunity

The hedge fund and alternative investment industry is a critical component of the financial system and has a proven track record of creating economic growth and opportunities. Hedge funds offer investors access to investment strategies that diversify their portfolios, manage risk, and deliver superior returns over time.

Hedge Funds Deliver for Retirees and Non-Profits

In all 50 states, institutional investors including pensions, university endowments, and non-profits rely on hedge fund allocations to help support retirement security, higher education, and the important work done by foundations and charities.


$789 Bn

Invested in Hedge Funds by Pensions


$438 Bn

Invested by Non-Profits, Foundations, and Endowments


$145 Bn

Invested by Colleges & Universities

Hedge Fund Fast Facts

Hedge funds help institutions:

Protect retirement security for more than 26 million American workers.

Fund college education for thousands of students at more than 300 colleges and universities.

Support life-changing work in communities through investments from nearly 1,000 non-profits and foundations.