Women in Alternative Investments (KPMG)

The Time is Now: Real Change, Real Impact, Seize the Moment



Melissa McClenaghan Martin, President, M3 Strategic Alliances LLC
Camille Asaro, KPMG, Partner
Kelly Rau, KPMG, Partner
Jim Suglia, KPMG, National Practice Leader, Alternative Investments
Darina Barrett, KPMG, Head of Financial Services Markets
Constance Hunter, KPMG, Chief Economist
Yael Selfin, KPMG, Head of Macroeconomics
Cara Scarpino, KPMG, Director, Marketing Strategies and Programs, Alternative Investments

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KPMG LLP (KPMG) is pleased to release the fifth “Women in Alternative Investments Report” (WAI Report). This year, as in years past, the WAI Report showcases the investment insights of women in alternatives while fostering a conversation about the unique issues facing women in the industry.

Although much has changed within alternatives since the WAI Report was first launched in 2011, women remain underrepresented in the industry. Looking at the statistics, including those in this year’s Report, one might think there hasn’t been much progress for women.

And yet, as this year’s WAI Report shows, there is reason for hope. There are new trends, new initiatives and new opportunities for women in alternatives. Firms, investors, and organizations are taking bold new steps to help truly move the needle.

Given these efforts, it is fitting that this year’s survey reached a global audience. A record number—nearly 800—of alternative investment professionals from nearly every major geographic region and sector within alternatives— hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, and real estate—responded. They shared their aspirations for women’s advancement, their views on mandates, and their beliefs regarding which regions offer the greatest opportunities for women in the industry.

We hope this year’s WAI Report spurs continued dialogue about the evolving role of women in alternatives and the path to future successes for women in the industry. And, perhaps even more importantly, we hope the practices spotlighted here inspire others. We hope that allocators continue to increase their focus on diversity when making investments, and we hope that firms continue to push the boundaries and embark upon initiatives that have the potential to transform their firms and, potentially, the industry.

Lastly, we hope the impact of this year’s WAI Report extends beyond geographies and beyond alternatives. At KPMG we believe that diversity and gender-based issues are critical across all industries. We view this Report as part of our broader commitment to advancing women, not just within our own firm but outside of it as well, and in a variety of ways such as through our Women’s PGA sponsorship, our seminal 2015 Women’s Leadership Study, the annual KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit, and our partnership with Women Corporate Directors.

Like the firms and organizations profiled in this Report, at KPMG we are seeking transformation. We hope you will join us in that endeavor.