The Seward & Kissel New Hedge Fund Study – 2013 Edition (Seward & Kissel)

February 2014

KEYWORDS: fees, hedge funds, Hedge Fund Launches, asset allocation, strategy, Liquidity, equity hedge funds, redemption terms, Seeding, Seeders, credit hedge funds, multi-strategy funds, Macro, commodity trading advisor, hedge fund infrastructure, strategic risk


Seward & Kissel

  • Seward & Kissel

Driven by our commitment to understanding the dynamics of the hedge fund marketplace, each year Seward & Kissel conducts The Seward & Kissel New Hedge Fund Study of newly-formed hedge funds sponsored by new U.S.-based managers entering the market. This Study covers the 2013 hedge fund launches of relevant Seward & Kissel clients meeting the above criteria. We believe that the number of funds within the Study is large enough to extract a representative sample of important data points that are relevant to the hedge fund industry. The Study analyzed investment strategies, incentive allocations/management fees, liquidity and structures, as well as whether any form of founders or seed capital was raised. The Study did not cover managed account structures or “funds of one” that may have a wider variation in their fees and/or other terms.

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