The Retail Alternatives Phenomenon: What enterprising private fund managers need to know (SEI)

June 2013

KEYWORDS: AIFMD, alternative investment, asset allocation, European Union, hedge fund infrastructure, Hedge Fund Performance, Hedge Fund Regulation, Institutional Investors, Investment Company Act, mutual funds, Private Fund Managers, REITs, retail investors, service providers, strategy, UCITS



  • SEI


Alternative investments are migrating from institutional to retail markets, and alternative strategies utilized by hedge and private equity funds are increasingly being packaged as mutual funds in the U.S. and as UCITS in the European market. The market opportunity for retail alternatives is already huge, continues to grow, yet is still in its infancy.

For private fund managers, this is a sea change that could open up a whole new area of opportunity—indeed, one that could potentially dwarf the institutional market. However, the challenges involved in stepping across the chasm from institutional to retail are not to be underestimated.

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