The Cost of Compliance (MFA, KPMG, AIMA)

October 2013

KEYWORDS: AIFMD, Asia Pacific, Asian Hedge Funds, assets under management, AUM, central clearing, CFTC, clearing, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, compliance requirements, Department of the Treasury, EMIR, European Union, FATCA, Financial Transaction Tax, Form PF, FTT, G20, hedge fund investor, Hedge Fund IT, Hedge Fund Managers, hedge fund operation, hedge fund registration, hedge funds, Hong Kong, innovation, Investment Advisers Act of 1940, investor protection, IRS, Japan, Middle East, National Futures Association, NFA, North America, OTC derivatives, outsourcing, registered advisers, regulatory reform, regulatory requirements, SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission, Short Selling, Survey, technology, UCITS, United Kingdom, Volcker Rule





The report, including one of the largest global surveys of hedge fund managers, explores the significant investments firms have made in infrastructure to comply with new regulatory requirements, the effects those costs have had on different segments of the industry, and innovation that has resulted from the new regulatory landscape.  Furthermore, the addition of new resources and sharpening of focus on regulatory compliance and risk management suggests that hedge fund managers around the world are committed to meeting regulatory requirements as well as the increased demands of institutional investors.

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