Some insights into the details that matter for high-frequency trading (Eurex)

May 2013

KEYWORDS: futures, foreign exchange, exchange speed, transaction costs, transaction size, Hedge Fund IT, hedge fund operation, quote, Trading, trading system, hedge fund infrastructure


W. Eholzer

  • Eurex

In 2006 Eurex Group initiated its Technology Roadmap to deliver innovative and superior technology.
This initiative includes:
•provision of a portfolio of interfaces that meet the needs of different user groups,
•high throughput and low latency of the trading system,
•delivery of functionality the market demands with shorted lead time,
•exceptional level of transparency & customer service.
The Eurex Group Technology Roadmap will continue in 2013 with the completion of the product migration to the new trading architecture on 10. June as well as with the NTA 1.1. release on 1 July and the and NTA 2.0 release on 25 November.
The new trading architecture is based on Deutsche Börse Group’s proprietary global trading architecture, which is also in use at the International Securities Exchange (ISE).
For further details about the new trading architecture please have a look at our web page:
 This presentation aims at providing information about the new trading architecture to latency sensitive users.

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