Sizing the 2011 Hedge Fund Universe: A PerTrac Study (PerTrac)

April 2012

KEYWORDS: hedge funds, Fund of Funds, commodity trading advisor, CTA, assets under management, Survey, Hedge Fund Performance, AUM, Single-Manager Funds

  • PerTrac


Sizing the 2011 Hedge Fund Universe: A PerTrac Study is the ninth annual version of PerTrac’s analysis of the composition and size of the single-manager hedge fund and FoHFs industry. The 2011 study was produced by aggregating investment data from eleven of the world’s largest alternative databases and by utilizing the capabilities of PerTrac Analytics, the global leader in investment analysis, risk management and asset allocation software.
This study analyzes fund size and type with respect to the number of distinct funds reporting information to databases, along with the disaggregated totals by investment fund types. Fund types include single-manager hedge funds, commodity trading advisors (CTAs)—a subset of single-manager hedge funds—and funds of hedge funds (FoHFs). This study also investigates fund domiciles, management company locations, currency usage and database reporting trends to third-party information providers.

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