Retirement Lessons from Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands (National Institute on Retirement Security)

August 2013

KEYWORDS: Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, National Institute on Retirement Security, risk management, pensions, retirement system, government entities, alternative investment


John A. Turner, PhD; Nari Rhee, PhD

  • National Institute on Retirement Security


Three nations offer lessons for providing high quality retirement plans with income adequacy, financial sustainability, and risk sharing. Lessons for Private Sector Retirement Security from Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands authored by John A. Turner, PhD, director of the Pension Policy Center and Nari Rhee, PhD, manager of research for the National Institute on Retirement Security. The goal of the research is to assess the level of security and risk provided by each country’s retirement system through the layers of income replacement provided by government, employer, and individual programs. In addition, this paper highlights key issues and lessons for consideration by U.S. policymakers and stakeholders.

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