Reinventing Buy-Side Infrastructure (SEI)

April 2014

KEYWORDS: buy-side firm, asset management, hedge fund operation, Hedge Fund IT, operational efficiency, service providers



  • SEI


As the asset management industry balances the conflicting trends of growth and uncertainty, buy-side firms are taking a hard look at their operating processes. Firms are finding ways to amplify the value they add to core areas, while reducing their allocation to areas where they can instead take advantage of a community of service providers whose solutions are demonstrably better and more cost-efficient.

In a survey of IT- and operations-focused asset management executives, 83% consider operational efficiency to be “somewhat challenging” or “very challenging.”

Partnering with a service provider, especially with regards to middle- and back-office solutions, can create streamlined processes and operational efficiencies that allow firms to focus their efforts on adding proprietary value.

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