Regulatory Reform and the Implications for Derivatives (State Street)

July 2011

KEYWORDS: OTC derivatives, Dodd-Frank Act, G20, EU, European Union, United States, Asia Pacific, execution, clearing, collateral, operational risk, Hedge Fund Regulation, regulatory reform, systemic risk, financial crisis, hedge fund investor, transparency, swap execution facility, SEF, central counterparties, CCP, futures commission merchant, FCM, swaps data repository, capital requirements, Japan, harmonization, Institutional Investors, margin, value-at-risk, segregation, margining


State Street

  • State Street

Global regulatory reforms promise to have significant implications for investors in the derivatives market, ushering in important changes in clearing, trade execution, collateral management and investment operations, among other areas. While there are still many unknowns, investors will need to prepare themselves to adapt to an evolving and considerably altered investment landscape.

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