Preqin Special Report:Asian Private Equity (Preqin)

September 2014



Preqin, PwC, Adams Street Partners and Lazard

  • Preqin, PwC, Adams Street Partners and Lazard


Asia’s growth story has been an inspiring one, propelled by the
interconnecting factors of rapid urbanization, industrialization
and positive demographics. Consisting of both developed and
emerging countries, Asia continues to be a region to watch
closely as it is on track to play an increasingly signifi cant role
in global fi nancial markets. Similarly, the private equity industry
in Asia is, more and more, on the radar of investors and fund
managers alike, given its expanding prominence in the wake of
fi nancial turmoil in the West. While challenges and uncertainty
remain inevitable, the Asian private equity landscape is certainly
evolving and looks to offer many opportunities in the future.