What Non-EU AIFMs Need To Know About the AIFMD (KPMG)

December 2013

KEYWORDS: AIFM, AIFMD, alternative investment, compliance cost, EU Marketing Passport, European Union, Hedge Fund IT, hedge fund operation, marketing, non-EU manager, private placement, third country



  • KPMG


While the majority of the attention regarding the impact of the AIFMD has focused on AIFMs based in the EU, the directive also applies to non-EU AIFMs to the extent they are managing or marketing alternative investment funds in the EU (regardless of whether the funds originated inside or outside the EU).

Accordingly, there are a number of important issues around operations, information technology, marketing and regulatory compliance that in-scope non-EU firms will need to consider.

  • How to best address tax/local laws, issues and costs?
  • How to handle delegation to US or third country entities?
  • Costs of compliance?
  • Use of local private placement regimes?

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