New Frontiers Of Risk: Revisiting The 360° Manager (BNY Mellon)

February 2014

KEYWORDS: Harry Markowitz, HedgeMark, Institutional Investors, risk management, pensions, foundations, global financial crisis


Debra Baker, Dr. Harry Markowitz

  • BNY Mellon, HedgeMark


In collaboration with Nobel Prize winning economist, Dr. Harry Markowitz, BNY Mellon’s Investment Services and Investment Management groups have combined resources with HedgeMark International, LLC to provide an inside look into the institutional investment risk management field.

In our previous white paper, which also included valuable input by Dr. Markowitz, we found that pension funds and non-profits were just starting to take a more serious look at risk management. Now, some eight years later and post the 2008 financial crisis, our 2013 survey shows that risk management is more critical than ever.

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