Navigating for Growth (State Street)

October 2013

KEYWORDS: asset managers, Asia Pacific, regulatory requirements, Emerging Markets, China, Japan


State Street

  • State Street


Asia Pacific holds a tantalizing prize for the region’s asset managers. Rapid economic growth, the emergence of a large and affluent middle class, and impressively high saving rates create huge opportunities. As asset managers set their sights on growth, they face some unique challenges – many of them stemming from the region’s fragmented markets. Only the agile will succeed.

To find out more, we commissioned a survey of 200 asset managers in the region. This report features the findings of this research. Through a series of roundtable discussions with major asset managers – as well as in-depth analysis of the regulatory environment – we explore the defining characteristics of the region. Our research reveals that while major challenges exist, there are huge opportunities for those firms that are able to navigate a complex landscape.

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