Natixis Global Asset Management 2012 Study of Institutional Investors (Natixis Global Asset Management, S.A.)

September 2012

KEYWORDS: alternative fund managers, alternative investment, banks, endowments, foundations, hedge fund investor, Institutional Investors, Middle East, pensions, risk management, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Survey, United Kingdom, Volatility

  • Natixis Global Asset Management, S.A.


In today’s investment environment, institutional investors are facing a near universal challenge: address increasing risk appetites while mitigating market volatility and preserving investment principal. In response, institutional investors are trying to build more durable investment portfolios that perform in both up and down markets to generate the returns they need. In today’s markets, this requires a bifurcated approach to investing. On the one hand, investors need to be more aggressive in seeking returns in a low-interest rate environment. On the other hand, they need to defend against elevated levels of risk in highly volatile markets.

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