Monthly Hedge Fund Trends – November 2012 (Deutsche Bank)

November 2012

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Deutsche Bank

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Deutsche Bank Research Highlights: “Insight Europe: At last a robust rescue mechanism” and “Global Economic Perspectives: The election, the fiscal challenge, and Hurricane Sandy”
Our Global Markets Macro Research team maintains that support from large political parties and policymakers in core countries, the resolve of peripheral countries to implement tough economic adjustment programs, and the emergence of an institutional architecture of the Euro area have laid the foundation for stabilizing and restoring confidence in the Euro.

In the second piece, they look at how the election outcome and initial post-election statements by leaders of both political parties affect prospects for dealing with US fiscal challenges, while also briefly reviewing estimates of the economic effects of Hurricane Sandy. They still see political disagreement in Washington as a source of stress in the markets in the months ahead, with the worst of the fiscal cliff avoided but not without a downgrade.

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