Monthly Hedge Fund Trends – April 2013 (Deutsche Bank)

April 2013

KEYWORDS: hedge fund investor, Netherlands, transparency, Texas, Public Pension, Hedge Fund Performance, Japan, leverage, Hedge Fund Regulation, European Union, UCITS, CFTC, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, AIFMD, Cyprus, Hong Kong, China, Asia Pacific, LIBOR, assets under management, AUM, fees, Short Selling, mergers and acquisitions, EMIR, European Commission, European Parliament, European Council, clearing, central counterparties


Deutsche Bank

  • Deutsche Bank


Deutsche Bank Research Highlights: “Global Markets Research: Focus Europe: Cyprus and Beyond” and “The Random Walk: Mapping the World’s Prices 2013”

The Global Markets Research team reviews the deal reached by the Troika and Cypriot officials on the bailout of Cyprus and discusses the implications for the Euro area given that the market has increased focus on senior bank bonds.

The second piece is our annual pricing survey, which measures the prices of various good and services across the globe. The survey provides an unbiased view of where prices stand today Further, we highlight the most expensive and most inexpensive countries in both the developed and developing worlds and the idiosyncrasies underlying the price discrepancies within these regions.

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