Leader or Laggard? How Data Drives Competitive Advantage in the Investment Community (State Street)

November 2013

KEYWORDS: analytics, data, data security, Survey, Economist Intelligence Unit, asset managers


State Street

  • State Street


In an age of vast amounts of information, volume doesn’t mean value. While the sheer quantity of data promises new sources of knowledge and opportunity, the big challenge is to manage and analyze it for smarter decisions and better results. This report draws on a survey, commissioned by State Street and conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, of more than 400 asset managers and owners — and it reveals two divergent approaches to data and analytics. Data leaders use data and analytics for competitive advantage, while data laggards struggle to use the full potential of their data. The report also provides insights into their current challenges, opportunities and steps they can take to be on the right side of the data divide.

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