Launching a Hedge Fund: An Overview (Riveles Law Group)

March 2014

KEYWORDS: emerging managers, Hedge Fund IT, startup capital, prime broker, tax, risk management, Early Stage Investors


Riveles Law Group

  • Riveles Law Group

After years of hard work, you finally have the strategy, experience and resources to establish and manage a hedge fund. Now it’s time to evaluate the options available to you in structuring your fund, navigating the regulatory landscape and choosing the right partners to ensure that your fund and management company has the proper foundation in place for growth. Launching a hedge fund is a major undertaking that requires a systematic approach and experienced partners in a variety of industries and areas of expertise. Brokerage, legal, tax and technological considerations are essential to the development of a successful fund. Creating a legal and structural framework at the outset that is in tune with the fund’s investment objectives and investor base is the foundation for a successful fund. The following is an outline of legal, structural and practical considerations to be evaluated in establishing your hedge fund.

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