Infographic: Illuminating the World of Hedge Funds (PerTrac)

September 2012

KEYWORDS: alpha, Asian Hedge Funds, assets under management, CFTC, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, CTA, hedge funds, infographic, Institutional Investors, JOBS Act, managed futures, PerTrac, SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission, strategy, Switzerland, tail risk, United Kingdom, United States

  • PerTrac


The hedge fund industry has been undergoing rapid change. From new regulatory requirements like Form PF to new found abilities to advertise offered by the JOBS Act, the pace of change is only accelerating. These changes not only bring needed transparency to the industry, but they also raise the profile of hedge funds among investors and non-investors alike. With advertising looming ahead, there’s little doubt that the profile of hedge funds will rise further.

With this in mind, PerTrac has decided to put together an infographic highlighting:

  • Key industry milestones
  • Facts and figures on the size and composition of the industry
  • Who invests in funds
  • Ways to evaluate funds and investments

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