The Impact of AIFMD (IDS Group & Crestbridge)

October 2014

KEYWORDS: AIFMD, regulation, Hedge Fund Regulation, alternative assets, industry research


IDS Group


  • IDS Group



In the last two months prior to the expiration of AIFMD’s transition
period IFI Global conducted a wide ranging qualitative research
survey with alternative fund managers, and other key opinion
formers, on the Directive’s anticipated impact on the industry.
The goal of this research is to find out how alternative managers,
and their service providers, expect that they will be affected by
the Directive. Whilst AIFMD’s introduction has been debated
for many years there has been little to no research, prior to this
survey, on what material impact the Directive will have on individual
Managers with dedicated alternative assets of $197 billion, and an
overall AUM of approximately $2.5 trillion, took part in this survey.
Interviews were also conducted with London based fund lawyers
as well as a number of fund governance firms and consultancies.
73 organisations participated in the survey of which 71% were

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