Global Pension and Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment in Hedge Funds: The Growth and Impact of Direct Investing (Citi Prime Finance)

KEYWORDS: Institutional Investors, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Direct Invesment in Hedge Funds, Private Pension, Public Pension, Managed Accounts, Outsourced CIO, Fund of One, Seeding, Seeders, Consultants


Sandy Kaul

  • Citi Prime Finance


Our new industry survey, “Global Pension and Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment in Hedge Funds: The Impact of Direct Investing”, conducted through in-depth one-on-one interviews with global investors managing $1.65 trillion in assets under management as well as hedge fund managers representing $186 billion in assets under management, looks at both the increase in institutional assets and how a shift to “direct” investing presents both an opportunity and a set of challenges to hedge fund managers looking for this capital.

In the report we look at the macro pension and sovereign wealth fund environment in terms of its overall capital, growing focus on “Alternatives’ and growth of hedge fund allocations from these segments.  In addition, we look at which hedge fund are optimal targets for pension and sovereign wealth fund investors, and discuss why size is a critical factor and how the criteria required to pass the institutional threshold have expanded since 2008.

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