Focus On The Future: Designing Tomorrow’s Pension Plan (State Street)

January 2013

KEYWORDS: pensions, Institutional Investors, Norway, European Union, EU, alternative investment, transparency, market efficiency, portfolio diversification, risk management, Emerging Markets, Public Pension, asset allocation, Volatility, Hedge Fund Regulation, hedge fund investor, Netherlands, United Kingdom


Philip Mendelsohn, Ingrid Albinsson, Gustaf Hagerud, Chris Verhaegen, Paul Todd, Guus Warringa, Tim Caverly, Nikolaus Schmidt-Narischkin

  • State Street


The European pensions industry is at a turning point. Funding gaps, regulatory reform and an ageing population are all forcing change. A new report sponsored by State Street, “Focus on the Future: Designing Tomorrow’s Pension Plan”, draws on insights from State Street and other key industry players to reveal new solutions to these challenges.

The report includes findings of a survey we commissioned from the Economist Intelligence Unit, featuring responses from 150 pension funds in six countries. Both the report and survey support our drive to help clients “future proof” their pension funds and prepare the ground for discussing our solutions with them.

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