Data vs Relationships – Who Wins? (Gravitas)



Jayesh Punater, founder and CEO, Gravitas

  • Gravitas


Jayesh Punater, the founder and CEO of Gravitias, notes that, “There are two business models evolving – one based upon data and the other deeply rooted in relationships.

“There are companies like Amazon, Google, Uber and Netflix who have very limited personal relationships with their clients – the way they market and sell their products and services is leveraging data and giving a user experience facilitating a transaction or a sale. Even in enterprise sales, where Amazon is a big player and so is Microsoft now, most sales, marketing and delivery decisions are based upon data and not upon any specific relationship.

“Contrast that with businesses that completely rely upon relationships – businesses like law firms, consulting firms, investment banking in financial services, restaurants, physicians where the experience is very personal etc. Sales of enterprise software, technology products etc. is also based upon a sales team that has strong personal relationships.”