Coming of Age: Global Hedge Fund Survey 2011 (EY)

KEYWORDS: Survey, Hedge Fund Managers, Governance, administration, succession, capital raising


Ratan Engineer and Arthur F. Tully

  • Ernst & Young


Ernst & Young’s 5th Annual Global Hedge Fund Survey, Coming of Age, encompasses the views of senior representatives of more than 90 hedge fund managers who manage some US$600b of assets and more than 40 investors who together have US$1t of assets, of which some US$130b are invested in hedge funds. The survey juxtaposes the views of investors with those of managers.  The themes covered include: succession, governance, administration, fees and expenses, capital raising, due diligence and future landscape.

The survey found that while hedge fund managers and investors agree on key industry issues, disagreement still exists in some important areas, namely, governance, fund expenses, administration, succession and capital raising. Results also indicate that investors want greater board responsibility and accountability in key areas. How can managers and investors bridge these gaps and find consensus?  Read the survey for insights and analysis.

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