Cloud Computing in the Hedge Fund Industry (Eze Castle Integration)

May 2013

KEYWORDS: alternative investment, cloud computing, compliance requirements, data security, Hedge Fund IT, market data, regulatory requirements, security, service providers, Survey, technology, Third-party administrator, transparency


Eze Castle Integration

  • Eze Castle Integration


With the changing economy and new regulations in effect, alternative investment firms are constantly looking for new ways to increase efficiencies and gain a competitive advantage. One area where firms have started to differentiate themselves from their competition is through technology.

Cloud computing, specifically, has allowed investment firms to leverage a robust and scalable technology platform that can reduce capital expenditures and increase performance efficiencies while satisfying regulatory requirements and investor demands for transparency.

Today’s investment firms are grappling with a host of new challenges, and technology decisions are coming to the forefront of the conversation. Cloud computing continues to play a key role for both new startup firms as well as established funds. In fact, more than eight out of 10 investment management firms contacted during a 2012 market study indicated they were either currently using or planning to use some form of cloud services in the near future.

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