Closing the Communication Gap: How Institutional Investors are Building Risk-Aware Cultures (State Street)

May 2013

KEYWORDS: Institutional Investors, risk management, reputational risk, global financial crisis, risk manager, chief risk officer, Asia Pacific, compliance requirements, audit, reporting risk, Survey, assets under management, AUM, United Kingdom, market risk, Eurozone, analytics, risk analytics, European Commission, counterparty risk, investment risk, Hedge Fund IT


The Economist Intelligence Unit

  • State Street


The financial crisis has changed how — and how much — institutional investors are focused on risk. A new report commissioned by State Street, “Closing the Communication Gap: How Institutional Investors are Building Risk-Aware Cultures,” discusses the actions they are taking and how they are performing. The report reveals findings of a study, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, of 297 executive board members, C-level executives and senior-level employees from institutional investors across the globe.

The report explores the risk functions within these institutions, effectiveness of risk-related communications and how risk issues are being represented in key decision making. It also reveals how risk functions can improve and how those with strong frameworks and integration within the business produce better investment outcomes.

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