Center for the Study of Financial Regulation – Winter 2014 (Center for the Study of Financial Regulation, Mendoza School of Business, University of Notre Dame)

February 2014

KEYWORDS: FSOC, colocation, SIFI, Nasdaq, crowdfunding, JOBS Act, venture capital, Credit CARD Act, President Obama, Dodd-Frank Act, regulatory reform, CFPB, banks, asset managers, SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission, OFR, Office of Financial Research


Jonathan Brogaard, Ethan Mollick, Johannes Stroebel, Todd J. Zywicki, Paul Schultz,

The Center for the Study of Financial Regulation at the University of Notre Dame has as its mission to promote sound economic analysis of current and proposed financial regulation. Poorly conceived financial regulations can impose large costs on the economy and may harm America’s leadership in the financial industry by driving financial transactions offshore. We believe that more independent economic analysis of financial regulation is needed.

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