The Best Defense is Always a Strong Offense (Grant Thornton)

Positioning for Change in the Asset Management Industry

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These are uncertain times for the asset management industry. On one hand, the promise of a unified government with Republican control of the White House and Congress promises a friendlier tax, regulatory and enforcement environment.

But on the other hand, with so much change swirling at once, uncertainty abounds. Not to mention, of course, the waves of change striking the industry from unconventional competitors, potentially disruptive technologies such as blockchain, and passively managed low-cost investment funds and robo-advisers, which are forcing active managers to prove their worth in the midst of difficult times.

What should hedge fund, private equity and mutual fund leaders expect? Like almost everyone in the industry, Grant Thornton LLP’s Asset Management specialists have their ears to the ground. And, like everyone else, our crystal ball is sometimes murky.

But we do have strong beliefs about how you should prepare and position your organization. In the pages that follow, we share our insights and recommendations in three areas: regulatory concerns, tax-related issues and fundamental changes in the asset management business model.

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