As Dodd-Frank Day Dawns, Market Trends Emerge (CME Group, TABB Group, LLC)

March 2013

KEYWORDS: interest rate spreads, CDS, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, CFTC, OTC derivatives, over-the-counter derivatives, futurization of swaps, clearing, ICE, buy-side firm, SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission, futures, swaps, credit default swaps


Will Rhode

  • CME Group, TABB Group, LLC


“Dodd-Frank Day” on March 11, when most active users of swaps in the U.S. had to comply with the central clearing mandate as part of over-the-counter derivatives reform, has come and gone, but the impact of this occasion has been evident for some time now, according to TABB Group, LLC.

Since the Commodities Futures Trading Commission’s November announcement of a timeline for the clearing of interest rate swaps, basis swaps other instruments, two trends have emerged, Will Rhode, Principal and Director of Fixed Income Research, said in a new report.

“The first is a visible uptick in client clearing for interest rate swaps,” Rhode said. “The second is a negative effect in credit default swaps clearing – possibly the result of the so-called swaps futurization trend.”

At CME Group, clearing of interest rate swaps has increased 59% to $904 billion in outstanding interest as of March 5. Underscoring this growth is the increase in weekly flows since the CFTC announced the clearing timeline, which have topped $33 billion recently, more than six times levels before the end of November.

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