AIFMD – what you should be doing to comply (Global Perspectives)

May 2013

KEYWORDS: AIFMD, European Union, alternative investment, compliance requirements, Managed Accounts, depositary, UCITS, FATCA, tax, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, due diligence, Hedge Fund Managers, hedge funds, service providers, hedge fund administration, leverage, remuneration, value-at-risk, assets under management, AUM, Liquidity


Shane Brett

  • Global Perspectives

The AIFMD regulation comes into force in the 27 countries of the European Union in July 2013. The main tenets of this wide ranging legislation are now well known throughout the industry.
Put simply, AIFMD will change the alternative investment industry forever.
This is the first in a 2 part Global Perspectives white paper examining what fund managers should be doing right now to ensure they are ready for AIFMD. We will publish Part 2 of this white paper next month (June 2013).
Currently fund managers should be completing a detailed impact assessment to ensure they are ready for AIFMD. Global Perspectives ( can assist in completing your AIFMD impact assessment and implementing its requirements.

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