A Manager’s Guide to Establishing a Hedge Fund (Eze Castle Integration)

May 2013

KEYWORDS: Hedge Fund Managers, Hedge Fund Launches, Hedge Fund IT, operational risk, hedge fund operation, Seeding, capital raising, service providers, Pershing Prime Services, Eze Castle Integration, hedge fund infrastructure, startup capital


Eze Castle Integration

  • Eze Castle Integration


Owning and operating a successful hedge fund can be both personally and financially rewarding. However, launching a hedge fund can be a challenging and sometimes overwhelming experience. How should you structure your business? What service providers do you need? What do you need to do first?

Fortunately, you need not face these decisions alone. Eze Castle Integration and Pershing Prime Services, along with other industry experts, have developed a framework of practical options, knowledge and resources to help you make informed business decisions. This guidebook addressed the key areas that every hedge fund manager should consider:

  • Legal and Tax Considerations
  • Technology
  • Service Providers
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance
  • Operational Infrastructure
  • Capital

This guidebook is meant to help fund managers understand many of the issues they will face as they launch their funds. Our goal is to share different considerations and provide a reference as fund managers work through the start-up phase.

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