2014 Brunswick Investor Use of Digital and Social Media Survey (Brunswick Group)

February 2014

KEYWORDS: social media, Twitter, Bloomberg, digital media, alternative investment, investment management, Survey


Jason Golz, Sparky Zivin

  • Brunswick Group


Brunswick is pleased to announce the release of our fourth annual survey on digital media usage by the investment community. Key findings from the survey include:

  • 70% of investors believe that the role of digital media will play an increasing role in future investment decisions
  • 29% of investors are proactively following up on leads initially found on micro-blogging services, such as Twitter
  • Twitter influence continues to expand, but its growing influence may be under-reported due to recent inclusion on other platforms, like Bloomberg
  • In ranking their top sources, investors gave information direct from companies an average rating of 1.9, higher than any other source
  • 35% of investors listed real-time subscription services, like Bloomberg, as becoming more valuable for their work, compared to 22% on our last survey

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