2014 Banking and Capital Markets Outlooks: Repositioning for Growth (Deloitte)

December 2013

KEYWORDS: capital markets, banks, margin, regulatory requirements



  • Deloitte


After five years of tumultuous change, it is no surprise that banking and capital markets firms have yet to find steady ground. However, heading into 2014, there is increasing evidence that they may have a chance to shift to a higher gear – or perhaps even accelerate.What’s ahead for banks and capital markets firms as we look to 2014? Is it the best of times? Is it the worst of times? Or is it both?

While the economy is showing some signs of life, challenges remain for industry executives. Margins are under extreme pressure and business models and product structures are becoming more standardized, mortgages and derivatives being two examples. And regulatory concerns have shifted, from uncertainty over direction to uncertainty over long-term outcomes.

So how can firms begin to pivot toward growth amidst current pressures and challenges? How can they drive increased agility into their operations to take advantage of the ongoing uncertainty in the market, rather than simply waiting for more stable conditions to emerge?

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