Understanding Hedge Funds

This page provides visitors to MFA’s website with educational presentations that have been developed to offer important information on various aspects of the global hedge fund industry.  Click each link below to view the presentation.  You can also view each presentation on MFA’s Slideshare page.

Hedge Funds: An Introduction

The Facts About Managed Futures

In Focus: MFA Policy Highlights

2014: The Year Ahead for Hedge Funds

U.S. Regulation 101: Guide to U.S. Oversight of the Hedge Fund Industry

EU Regulation 101: Guide to European Oversight of the Hedge Fund Industry

Measuring Hedge Fund Performance: Investors Weigh In

Measuring Hedge Fund Performance: Investors Weigh In Infographic

Who Invests in Hedge Funds? A Sampling of the Hedge Fund Universe

A Primer on Distressed Debt Investing Infographic

Distressed Debt Investing: Resources to Help Investors Better Understand Their Investment Options in this Asset Class

Evolution of Hedge Fund Investors & Beneficiaries

Hedge Fund Fees: An Overview

Commodity Trading Advisor & Commodity Pool Operator 101

Electronic Trading: A Primer

Short Selling: A Brief Overview and Regulatory Update

How Hedge Funds Count Their Assets

Hedge Funds and Pensions

Hedge Funds and Universities

Hedge Funds and Foundations

Hedge Fund Strategies

Who Invests in Hedge Funds in My State?

Hedge Funds: Insights from Industry Investors

Hedge Fund Performance

Hedge Fund Due Diligence

Hedge Fund Due Diligence Infographic

How Passage of the JOBS Act Impacts Regulation D: Private Placement and General Solicitation Regulations

European Union Legislative and Regulatory Update Guide

Position Limits: A Brief History and Discussion of Recent Regulatory Changes

Understanding RAUM: How to interpret the SEC’s new metric

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