September 18, 2019

New York, NY

MFA DATA 2019 Conference Agenda

Wed, Sep 18

7:00am–8:00am Registration and Breakfast 

8:00am–8:15am Welcome Remarks 

8:15am–8:50am The Lifecycle of Data in Context: How Data Proliferation is Shaping Alternatives 

8:50am–9:30am Unlocking the Potential of Data: The Asset Managers’ Perspective 

9:30am–10:05am Creating the Optimal Data Ecosystem: The CTO Perspective 

10:05am–10:35am Refreshment Break — Sponsor Demos 

10:35am–11:05am Cloud Applications: What's Happening Now and Coming Next 

11:05am–11:30am Keynote: Considerations When Building A Data Rich Product - A View From the Trenches 

11:30am–12:10pm Fireside Keynote Chat: Washington’s Data Privacy Initiatives: Liabilities for Hedge Funds and Data Providers 

12:10pm–12:40pm Keynote: A Venture Capitalist's FinTech Outlook - What’s Next on the Innovation Horizon 

12:45pm–1:55pm Lunch and Lunch Speaker Tables 

2:00pm–2:45pm Breakouts: Best Practices in Data Acquisition, Implementation and Monitoring

2:50pm–3:35pm Breakouts: Regulation, Compliance and Security in Data Management

3:35pm–3:50pm Refreshment Break — Sponsor Demos 

3:50pm–4:35pm Breakouts: Intersection of FinTech and Data Acquisition and Management

4:35pm–5:05pm Keynote: Technology, Innovation & Leadership 

5:05pm–6:30pm Reception