MFA Senior Management

Bryan Corbett Headshot

Bryan Corbett

President & Chief Executive Officer


Peter Donovan

Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer


Jillien Flores

Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Head of Global Government Affairs (2)

Jennifer Han

Executive Vice President, Chief Counsel, Head of Global Regulatory Affairs

Brooke Harlow

D. Brooke Harlow

Chief Commercial Officer


Noah Theran

Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Head of Global External Affairs

MFA Team

Tasha Ashby

Executive Assistant, Legal

Krista Braun

Director, Content & Programming

Daniela Colucci

Senior Coordinator, Content & Programming

Matthew Daigler

Vice President, Senior Counsel, Regulatory Affairs

Amy D’Annunzio

Managing Director, Head of Conferences & Events

Taggart Davis

Managing Director, Head of EU Government Affairs

Sarah Ek

Manager, Global Research and Markets

Maddie Fitzgerald

Manager, Office of the President and CEO

Brice Hadden

Vice President, Accounting and Finance

Tristan Hardy

Manager, Communications

Ryan Hedgepeth

Vice President, U.S. Government Affairs

Mary Scott Jameson

Senior Coordinator, Membership, Investor Relations and Events

Erik Johnson

Vice President, U.S. Government Affairs

Mairin Lane

Senior Coordinator, Conferences and Events

Sarah Lengauer

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

David Lourie

Vice President and Senior Counsel, Regulatory Affairs

Michael Mbugua

Director, Information Technology

Waverly McConnell

Senior Coordinator, Data and Membership

Joan Moh

Director, Content & Programming

Savannah Odom

Executive Assistant & Events Coordinator

Nora Richardson

Director, Membership Development

Sarah Riley

Director, Head of Association Partnerships

Andrew Sacher

Vice President, Director of Research

Joseph Schwartz

Director & Counsel, Regulatory Affairs

Lisa A. Smith

Vice President, People and Culture