Membership FAQ

Who is MFA?

The Managed Funds Association (MFA) represents the global alternative investment industry and its investors by advocating for sound industry practices and public policies that foster efficient, transparent, and fair capital markets. MFA, based in Washington, DC, is an advocacy, education, and communications organization established to enable hedge fund and managed futures firms in the alternative investment industry to participate in public policy discourse, share best practices and learn from peers, and communicate the industry’s contributions to the global economy. MFA members help pension plans, university endowments, charitable organizations, qualified individuals and other institutional investors to diversify their investments, manage risk, and generate attractive returns.  MFA has cultivated a global membership and actively engages with regulators and policy makers in Asia, Europe, North and South America, and all other regions where MFA members are market participants.

Why do the world’s leading hedge fund managers align themselves with MFA?

Hedge fund managers are vital participants in the global capital markets, yet they remain largely misunderstood by policy makers, the media and the public. In light of the tremendous growth and increased visibility of the industry, hedge fund managers are under heightened scrutiny by policy makers in the U.S. and abroad. On behalf of our members, MFA delivers the highest standards of excellence in professional advocacy and consistent messages that are based upon its members’ consensus views and opinions.

Why do regulators, policy makers and their staffs pay attention to MFA?

MFA is a recognized resource for information and insights about the alternative investment industry and has developed outstanding credibility as the voice of the hedge fund industry on a wide range of legislative and regulatory issues. MFA is focused on providing information to global policy makers to promote a deeper understanding of hedge funds and is called upon regularly to brief Members of Congress and their staffs, particularly in advance of legislative and regulatory actions that might impact the business operations of MFA members.

Why do service providers to the alternative investment industry partner with MFA?

Quite simply: access and information. MFA’s members share information and contacts. Our service provider partners participate in a variety of committees focused on the issues facing the alternative investment industry they support. New committees are continuously added to deepen our relationships and engagement with our service provider members. These committees help MFA further understand how our members contribute to the positions and messaging that are shaping the future of the industry as we all encounter day-to-day business and regulatory challenges.

How do I join MFA?

Membership with MFA may be discussed directly with our business development personnel. Please click here to submit a request to be contacted.