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Majority of Marketers Say Asset Raising Environment is Good or Very Good

Posted on July 11, 2014

A recently released report from Infovest21 finds that a majority of hedge fund marketers feel that the current asset raising environment is either good or very good.  Over 61% of surveyed marketers felt this way, a sharp increase from last quarter when only 36% said the environment was either good or excellent.

Infovest21 reported that marketers listed asset based lending as the strategy currently of most interest to investors.  Equity long/short, which had been the most popular with investors since the first quarter of last year, fell to fifth place.

“The majority of marketers felt interest was ‘up slightly’ in four investor categories – family offices, foundations, consultants, and sovereign wealth funds,” the report noted.  Furthermore, the majority of marketers felt that investor interest in the charities category remained the same as last quarter.

Learn more about marketers’ sentiment online from Infovest21.