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Industry Leaders Provide Update on Cyber Security at MFA’s Compliance 2014

Posted on May 7, 2014

The continuing and growing importance of cyber security was discussed at a roundtable discussion this afternoon at MFA’s Compliance 2014 in New York.  Discussion leaders focused on the current landscape of cyber threats and the threats facing the industry.  Particularly, the session focused on the various groups that pose a threat and the different types of information that is targeted on both a large (economy wide) and small scale (particular funds).

The roundtable also targeted the importance of security professionals, security processes, technology, and technology professionals taken together, rather than focusing on one or two from the list of security defenses.  Finally, participants shared best practices, while also remaining focused on cyber security priorities and questions publicized by the SEC.

Mary E. Galligan, Director, Deloitte; and Bill Squier, Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer, Two Sigma Investments, LLC led the discussion.

As the afternoon winds down, stay tuned to MFA’s blog for more Compliance 2014 updates.