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IOSCO Publishes Second Hedge Fund Survey

Posted on October 23, 2013

The International Organisation of Securities Commissions has published a report on the Second IOSCO Hedge Fund Survey, which gathered data from hedge fund managers and advisers about the markets in which they operate, amounts of leverage, funding and counterparty information, and trading activities.

The report provides an overview of the hedge fund industry as of September 2012 and examines efforts by regulators to better understand the hedge fund industry. The report, which surveyed 1,044 qualified hedge funds, representing assets totaling $1.94 trillion, shows that the United States and the United Kingdom are still the two predominant regions where hedge fund managers and advisers are located.

Equity-oriented investment strategies are the most prevalent among funds, while macro-oriented and multi-strategy funds are also significant. These hedge funds are typically domiciled in offshore jurisdiction – mainly in the Caymans.

David Wright, the secretary general of the IOSCO stated: “This work is an essential building block to develop a more transparent and open global financial system. It is essential that regulators have the full picture of all parts of the market from which to make appropriate policy judgments….Going forward, IOSCO will continue to promote the collection of comparable hedge fund data among regulators with the aim of fostering an internationally consistent approach to measuring risks and improving data quality and reliability.”

You can access the full Hedge Week article here.