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New MFA Video Looks to the Future of the Hedge Fund Industry

Posted on August 6, 2013

The Managed Funds Association today released a new educational video which looks at the future of the hedge fund industry.  The video also highlights some of the unique features of the industry and how it works.

Richard H. Baker, MFA’s President and CEO, said in the video, “I think there is a growing recognition that the hedge fund manager provides a service that is difficult to get anywhere else.”  He continued, “In volatile markets where other investments may perform very poorly, a hedge fund manager takes extraordinary action to preserve wealth.  That is an unusual model.”

What Does the Future Look Like for the Hedge Fund Industry? is now available for viewing on MFA’s YouTube Channel.  Be sure to review the other videos that MFA has available, both from this online series and the videos included in our playlist.  Check back to the Channel often for updates.