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Latest MFA Educational Video Outlines Some Common Misconceptions About the Hedge Fund Industry

Posted on July 30, 2013

Earlier today the Managed Funds Association released the latest in a series of educational videos that outline a number of issues important to the global hedge fund industry.  This installment focused on some common misconceptions about the industry, and touches on some of the positive impacts that the hedge fund industry has on the lives of many pension recipients, college graduates and many others in the United States.

“Many people saw the hedge fund industry as located in a small part of the United States with no relationship to them or their families.  Most are now surprised to learn that our hedge fund managers are managing investments by your local university’s endowment to help provide scholarships for your children,” said Richard H. Baker, President and CEO of MFA.  “Hedge funds are in every community in every state, providing opportunities that perhaps would not exist were it not for their hard work.”

This video is now available for viewing on MFA’s YouTube Channel.  While there, be sure to check out the other videos available in MFA’s series on the hedge fund industry.  Check back to MFA’s YouTube Channel often as more videos in the series are launched over the coming weeks.