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New MFA Video: How Do Hedge Funds Help Pensions Meet Their Obligations?

Posted on June 25, 2013

Today, the Managed Funds Association released the second in a series of educational videos on the hedge fund industry, “How Do Hedge Funds Help Pensions Meet Their Obligations?”  The video outlines how pensions have partnered with hedge funds to generate returns and manage risk.  MFA’s President and CEO Richard H. Baker highlights in the video a recent study that indicates that if pensions continue to increase allocations to hedge funds only slightly, as much as $13 billion in additional revenues could be generated to help meet their financial obligations.

The relationship with pensions, and indeed all institutional investors, continues to evolve with institutional investors representing 65% of the capital invested with hedge funds.  This partnership has helped to provide a secure future for retirees across the country.

How Do Hedge Funds Help Pensions Meet Their Obligations?” is now available for viewing on MFA’s YouTube channel.  While there, be sure to watch the first video in this series, What is a Hedge Fund?  Check back to the page in the coming weeks as more videos in the series are rolled out throughout the summer.