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MFA Releases Updated Hedge Fund Investor Map iPad App

Posted on June 20, 2013

Today, the Managed Funds Association is pleased to announce the updated release of its iPad App, the interactive Hedge Fund Investor Map, currently available for download on the iTunes App Store.  This App offers policy makers, members of the media, and all other users a powerful tool to track the growing impact and widespread contributions of hedge funds to communities across the country.  It is a unique educational tool that provides a comprehensive accounting of hedge funds’ institutional investor footprint on a state by state basis.

This App is essential for those who want to better track the emerging trend of institutional investors turning to hedge funds to help them meet their financial obligations to their beneficiaries.  Designed especially for the iPad and updated with more current investor information, the App features customized institutional hedge fund investor information for all 50 states.  Users will also find related news and research, presented through an easy-to-use, interactive iPad experience.

By collecting publicly available information from public and corporate pensions, endowments, and foundations, the map provides insight into the hedge fund investments of institutional investors in communities in every state in the U.S.  Users also have access to leading hedge fund industry research and all the latest news and tweets from MFA.  The new App provides MFA members and the public with a unique opportunity to take this valuable information on-the-go with their iPad.

You can download the Hedge Fund Investor Map application here, or use the desktop version currently available on MFA’s website here.